Стремись вперед, о юная машинка!
Mr. Fifth Motif продолжает дело долльше по троллению заказчиков. А я, может, надеялась на новую азиатскую голову :)

08.07.2014 в 12:26
Пишет llsonya:

Fifth Motif пишет в фейсбучике

Im really happy to introduce next asian Doll.

His name is Jun and he is fifteen.
He really like hang out n shopping with friends.
He always have a chat n enjoy Oreo McFlurry with his friends.
Look at those shiny eyes, cheekbone and tiny cutie lips.

This is just an idea sketch but don't worry.
It will be released almost accurately.

Are you kidding me? How can you say that.
He is not a Gangster. Shame on you..

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